EMA enabled Device (for the care-receiver)

  • Standard  Android “Smartphone” – EMA has been optimized for 12 of the most popular Android Smartphones models. We are continually expanding this list, including the models required by our partners.
  • EMA APP is embedded in the “Smartphone”, which includes:
    • Fall detection algorithm parameterized for people over 65
    • Suite of services for eldercare
    • Automatically sends location and fall alerts to caregivers
  • EMA Launcher (Easy Version): Simplified user interface, designed for people with little or no experience in the use of “Smartphones”


EMA Easy Version (APP):

  • Guided by focus groups, we developed a simplified user interface (EMA Launcher) designed for elders with little or no experience with “Smartphones, including a “Quick Calls” functionality.

Main Screen

The main screen has 4 selected contacts – informal or formal caregivers. A call is launched just by touching the corresponding image

contacts EMA






Application Screen

A second screen can be programmed with 6 different Android applications, that are selected by the caregiver (from the preloaded menu of the phone or downloaded from Google Play) , based on the user profile and preferences.

Control Panel

To be used by the caregivers only (no care-receiver). A password must be provided. Allows direct configuration of parameters on the application (as an alternative to the web portal). Give access to all functionalities of the Android phone (i.e. to access Google Play and download apps to place in the Screen)



EMA Standard Version (APP):

  • For elders with “Smartphone” experience the application is presented as a standard desktop icon

desktop android with ema access


EMA Web Portal (for the caregivers)

  • Secure, flexible, scalable, accessible from any device with internet access (mobile phone, tablet, computer …)
  • Remote configuration of services delivered through the EMA Application
  • Maintains a record of events and generates reports.



Caregivers can configure the EMA APP and controll all EMA services using the EMA WEB Portal, which is accesible through any   device with internet access