At Present

About 70% of people over 65 years receive care services at home, and most of them have informal carers (usually relatives or friends). Today, social services are putting emphasis on providing care services at home, rather than moving the elders to care homes.

In this scenario, the risk of falling becomes a major issue for elders and their carers.

  • About a third of all people aged over 65 fall at least once each year – Epidemiology of falls. Masud T, Morris RO., Age and Ageing, 30-S4:3-7, 2001
  • Falls account for up to 25% of ambulance call-outs for people aged 65+ – Fall prevention: New approaches to integrated falls prevention services. NHS Confederation, Briefing, April 2012 Issue 234
  • Falls represent over half of hospital admissions for accidental injury in the 65+ group. – London Health Observatory. Accessed 05/10/10, at http://www.lho.org.uk/LHO_Topics/Health_Topics/Diseases/AccidentsInjury.aspx

Families need innovative tools to provide care to their elders while maintaining their autonomy and improving the life quality of the elders.

Elder Mobility Angel (EMA) is a solution designed for elders at risk of falls and/or potentially unsafe mobility who live independently or semi-independently, and the people who take care of them (usually relatives or friends).

EMA is based on the use of standard mobile devices and web platforms that allow caregivers to receive real-time information on falls and location-related risks, in order to provide a rapid assistance.